Best Anime for Beginners

Let’s face it, the anime trend is well on the rise but knowing where to start can seem like an uphill struggle at times. Fortunately there are loads of great series out there to get you started and you’ll be hooked for life. Here are a few of the best to get your anime juices flowing and turn you into an all out fan in just a few short watches.

Death Note

With the Netflix film having been released this year, you might already have an idea of the story. Having said that, the anime is one of the greatest stories of all time. Based around a high school student who finds a notebook that can kill people, there are twists and turns in this series like you couldn’t imagine.

Cowboy Bebop

If you like space travel, jazz and westerns then not only do you have very specific taste but we have the anime for you! With cowboys, bounty hunters and lone wanderers all mixing it up with perfect storytelling, think of this like a mix between film noir and Star Wars. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


A light-hearted romp that will transport you back to your high school days, this is the rom-com of the anime world. A simple story with beautiful colors to draw you in, you’ll find yourself passing hours in one sitting without even meaning to. It really is easy watching at its finest.


If you love romantic films, crying for hours and feeling like you’ve had your heart ripped straight from your chest then Clannad is the best place to start. With an almost clichéd start you’ll find yourself torn between laughing and crying for the duration of this movie. Sweet, gut wrenching and stunningly beautiful, this one isn’t for the faint hearted!

Howl’s Moving Castle

Possibly one of the most famous animes in Western culture, Howl’s Moving Castle is one of Studio Gibli’s finest. A great fantasy adventure film that really gets your imagination flowing, you’ll be entranced by the visuals the moment you set this anime going. It really sums up Japanese cartoons in just a short 2 hour stint.

Elfen Lied

A striking psychological horror that will stick with you for days, Elfen Lied is an anime like no other. Based around a young girl from a mutant species, you’ll follow her as she seeks revenge on humankind. If you really enjoy nightmares and having your whole world flipped upside down (and back again) then you’ll love this.

Finding anime to get you started is the most difficult step but as with all genres, there’s something out there for everyone. The further you delve the more you’ll enjoy it and before you know it you’ll be making up cosplay costumes and joining the masses of anime fans that chat in forums online on a daily basis.