Anime Culture

Anime is Japanese animation. What makes them great is that they don’t focus just on children’s shows, which, many can already say they know such as Dragonball Z, Sailor Moon, Pokémon, etc. But they also span generations and have genres that include horrors to psychological thrillers, to those that are not appropriate for anyone under the age of 18. Anime is based a lot on Manga comics as well.

How it All Began

In all honestly it began to become realized as an art form during WWII. Japanese Comics and writers were forced to follow certain protocols and if they didn’t they were banned from writing. Those who weren’t banned were writing propaganda for the government. But because people had a passion for what they did, after the war different groups cropped up and started a revolution. And anime and manga were completely different from the Disney comics that Americans were used to.

Why bring Disney into it? Because he was the muse so to speak with Tezuka who created Mushi Productions and became famous with his first release of Astro Boy. This was the beginning of anime.

How Anime Affects Culture

Anime has created a whole new subculture in Japan that not only goes through the shows and the comics but also role-playing, gaming, and cosplaying (dressing up in costumes that are highly realistic to those that the actual characters wear).  Not only are people playing but there are even landmarks and status dedicated to the art itself including an entire theme park. Stores and venues in Akihabara also cater to and specialize in anime culture. It’s pretty much an entire town for those who are into it.

There are also conventions, like ComicCon in America they have Anime Japan. A weekend filled with all things Anime Japan. It’s literally where you can go and just immerse yourself in a utopia of Anime.

Japan isn’t the Only Place that Loves it

The West too have fallen in love with Anime and it has changed how we view “cartoons”. If you watch some of the more western animations it’s not as in depth, not as thought provoking as that from traditional anime. It’s an art form now whereas previously it was kind of a cult following.  Adults no longer view it as something for children. Taking a look through various posts on Facebook people post about different shows such as Death Note and Ajin. It’s quite fascinating. And then there are those that are still looking for Pokémon, when Pokémon was something that 1980’s children grew up with, and now as adults, they are still interested.

Even the shows that originated in japan, have been done for the Western culture as well. instead of having to read subtitles, they have officially been made into English versions, which makes it easier to watch. But then again, some haven’t been. Doesn’t matter though, they are always fabulous. Take the time to watch some of these anime’s and you will find why people love them so much. It’s a culture to get immersed in, and to easily learn about yourself at the same time. Listen to what they say, they are sharing something with us.